Rero Explore (only in French)


Goal: To discover the search interface and collections of UNIGE Library

Description:Description: You wish to locate and borrow documents of your University Library? Make an advanced search on a topic among the university collections? Manage your reader's account? This session will guide you in the use of the Library Catalog

Public: Students, PhD students, postdocs, researchers, teachers

Prerequisite: none


  • practical workshop of 45 min. (12 participants/session)
  • location in rooms equipped with computers; the participants can carry their own computers
  • in French

Program: what is “RERO Explore” and what can be found there; how to access “RERO Explore”; doing a basic search, doing an advanced search, exploring and saving a result list, ordering a book available in the UNIGE Library, accessing and monitoring your patron account.

Dates:Monday 30 sept 2019 (10h-11h), Tuesday 05 nov 2019 (10h-11h), Uni Bastions, Espace Central or Monday 16 dec 2019 (12:15-13:15), Uni Bastions, Espace Battelle

Subjects: Library collections, catalog

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