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EndNote or Zotero – which one should you use?

EndNote and Zotero are two reference management sofwares available to University of Geneva members.

Which one use during bachelor studies?

During your bachelor studies, and without further indication from your teachers, we advise that you use Zotero ; it is easier to grasp and its functionalities are sufficient for the works you will have to submit.

And next?

For the remaining of your academic studies, you can still use Zotero, or switch to EndNote, in particular if

  • you need functionalities not available in Zotero (the main differences are listed below)
  • your research group use EndNote to share bibliographic references

Main differences between EndNote and Zotero

  Endnote Zotero
Price Commercial software, but free for UNIGE members Free
Operating systems Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, Linux
Online storage Unlimited Paid service over 300 Mo
Mobile or tablet app iPad only iOS only (iPad or iPhone)
Automatic import of references Through a search engine in the software With a plugin to install in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
PDF importation Automatic May be automatic
PDF annotations in the software oui oui
Compatible text processing softwares Word, OpenOffice, Pages Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, GoogleDoc, LaTeX
Bibliographies by sections or categories oui croixrouge
Public sharing of references croixrouge oui


A complete comparison of these softwares, and Mendeley, is available on the Auckland University of Technology Library website .

If you have questions about these softwares, feel free to contact your librarians.