Deep imaging of thick samples through multiphoton imaging and lifetime experiments (FLIM). Monophotonic confocal imaging is of course also available.

  • Upright multiphoton confocal microscope
  • Mono-photon excitation: 405nm, white light laser (470nm>670nm)
  • 2P/3P excitation: Tunable multiphoton laser >1300nm
  • Dedicated objectives: To reduce distortions introduced by refractive index mismatches between immersion medium and tissue, high quality water immersion objectives are essential for deep tissue imaging. We provide two (sample with/without coverslip) 25X0.95NA IRAPO (max transmission of IR and Vis and minimal axial shift up to 1300nm). In addition, a 10x dry objective to find your sample region and a 63 high NA oil objective are provided.
  • Very sensitive HyD detectors: photon counting
  • 4Tune - spectrally tunable, non-descanned detection unit, providing high flexibility and enabling multicolor deep in vivo experiments
  • Multipositions, Tile scan


Using optimized image acquisition parameters and on the go deconvolution through parallel GPU processing you can now get superresolution up to 120nm and increased signal to noise using any dye or fluorescent protein. The process is fast and userfriendly. Works in mono and multiphotonic

FALCON (FAst Lifetime CONtrast) for Functional Imaging

Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) is a very powerful tool because fluorescence lifetime is very sensitive to changes in molecular environment. At the same time, it is independent of fluorophore concentration and photobleaching.

The SP8 FALCON delivers lifetime and spectral information simultaneously and provides multimodal imaging at a fast rate (SP8 FALCON works 10x faster than classical TCSPC).

FLIM can be obtained in mono and multiphotonic mode.


  • Show molecular interaction and biosensing via FLIM-FRET
  • Measure metabolic activity
  • Detect subtle pH changes in cells and tissue
  • Identify multiple fluorescent species based on lifetime contrast

Other equipment : Light protected temperature chamber