CALLector, which officially started on April 1 2018 and will continue until November 30 2021, has been funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation under its COST program, and the project was closely linked with the enetCollect COST project. A one-year follow-on project, also funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, started during Q1 2022.

The overall goal of CALLector has been to create tools for crowdsourced construction and use of CALL content. Work has centred around LARA, an open source platform developed under this project which is designed to facilitate the process of converting texts into a multimodal online form that supports non-native readers. This typically includes integrated translations, audio, concordances and other annotations. The LARA community now includes people in over a dozen countries.

Coordination and data preparation for the Spoken CALL Shared Task has been performed under the CALLector project.

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