CALLector, which officially started on April 1 2018 and will continue until December 31 2021, is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation under its COST program, and the project is closely linked with the enetCollect COST project. The overall goal of CALLector is to create a platform, structured as a social network, for crowdsourced construction and use of CALL content. We are developing tools for construction of speech-enabled content using the CALL-SLT Lite framework and tools for text-based content using the LARA platform.

Coordination and data preparation for the Spoken CALL Shared Task, now in its third year, is performed under the CALLector project.

You can find more information about CALLector on the open Google group.

** Your email address will never be shared with any third parties and we will use it only to keep you updated on substantial developments in the CALLector project.

enetCollect is organising a **hands-on LARA workshop** in Trnava, Slovakia, Nov 27-29 2019. There is room for 30 people; travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by enetCollect. Full details here.