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Working papers and reports

  • Giedre Lideikyte Huber and Marta Pittavino, "Who donates and how? New evidence from the tax incentives in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland" (to be submitted in december 2021)

  • Giedre Lideikyte Huber, "Tax Policies for Mitigating Climate Change - Switzerland", National Report for the International Academy of Comparative Law (AIDC) General Congress - Asunción 2022, to be published by Intersentia



  • Giedre Lideikyte Huber, “Tax incentives for Charitable Giving as a Policy Instrument: Theoretical Discussion and Latest Economic Research”, World Tax Journal, Q3 2020, pp. 631-662 (peer-reviewed)





Speaker: Giedre Lideikyte Huber (Presentation "Taxation and Philanthropy")

Speakers: Dre Marta Pittavino, Dre Giedre Lideikyte Huber (presenting paper: Who donates and how? New evidence on the tax incentives in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland)


Speakers: Dre Giedre Lideikyte Huber, Prof. Henry Peter, Pascal Saint-Amans


Speakers: Dre Giedre Lideikyte Huber and Philipp Fischer, Academic fellow of the GCP


Presentation of the articles:

  • Do tax deductions encourage charitable giving behavior? Evidence from panel data of the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, Giedre Lideikyte-Huber & Marta Pittavino
  • Barriers to cross-border philanthropy and how to overcome them, Intervention by Giedre Lideikyte-Huber (panelist)


Dialogue between cantonal tax authorities (in French)

    • Me Patrick Grandjean, avocat, responsable du Centre de compétences personnes physiques, Administration cantonale des impôts, Etat de Vaud
    • Costante Ghielmetti, avocat, Expert Fiscal Dipl, ancien vice-directeur de la division des contributions, République et Canton du Tessin

Moderated by Prof. Henry Peter, Head, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy (GCP), University of Geneva 


  • Philanthropy Lunch: "Philanthropic organization and business activity:  what are the tax issues?" 11 September 2019
    • Prof. René Bekkers, Director of the Center for Philanthropic Studies at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy;
    • Dr. Raphaël Gani, Judge, Swiss Federal Administrative Court;
    • Prof. Xavier Oberson, Professor of Swiss and International Tax Law,  University of Geneva;
    • Panel moderated par Dr. Giedre Lideikyte Huber, Senior research associate, Geneva Centre for Philanthropy.
    • Summary notes and the powerpoint presentation are available.




 By Giedre Lideikyte Huber

  • November 2021 - Course « Régime fiscal applicable aux acteurs de la philanthropie », DAS in strategic philanthropy, Faculty of Economics and Management (GSEM), University of Geneva (3h)
  • 29/09/2020 - Course « Tax incentives: forms and efficiency », BA in Economics and Management, GSEM, University of Geneva (1h)
  • 05/12/2020 - Course « Taxation and philanthropy » as part of the University Master's degree in Asset Management, GSEM, University of Geneva (2 h)
  • 2018 – 2020 - Course « Philanthropie et fiscalité » as part of the seminar « La philanthropie et ses principaux enjeux juridiques », Law Faculty, University of Geneva  (1.5 h)
  • 2018, 2020 - Course « Fiscalité et philanthropie», LL.M. Tax, University of Geneva (with Prof. X. Oberson) (1.5h)




Given by Giedre Lideikyte Huber

  • 21/06/2021 - Presentation « Tax incentives for investors in sustainable financial instruments : a new way to boost the sector ? », scientific meeting of the Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance (CCSF), University of Zurich
  • 25/05/2021 - Presentation « Taxation, philanthropy and implications for practice», European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) Science and Society Seminar Series
  • 25-27/11/2020 - Organisation/Moderation, International Conference « Taxation and philanthropy », Geneva Centre for Philanthropy, University of Geneva
  • 27/11/2020 - Presentation of the project «Tax incentives for charitable giving : evidence from Switzerland», with Dr. Marta Pittavino and Prof. Henry Peter, International Conference «Taxation and Philanthropy», Geneva Centre for Philanthropy, University of Geneva
  • 08/09/2020 - Presentation «The efficiency of tax incentives», 29e annual conference of the Tax Research Network (online), Christ's College, University of Cambridge
  • 21/11/2019 - Presentation «The efficiency of tax incentives to encourage charitable giving : review of the recent economic literature»,  annual conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA); San Diego (US)
  • 20/11/2019 - Presentation «Activité commerciale d’une entité exonérée”, séminaire ISIS “La fiscalité de la philanthropie», Institut für Schweizerisches und Internationales Steuerrecht (ISIS), Lausanne
  • 13/11/2019 - Presentation of the GCP-OCDE collaboration on the project « Taxation and philanthropy » at the Working Party no. 2 (Tax Policy Analysis and Tax Statistics) meeting of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris
  • 26/09/2019 - Presentation «The borders of philanthropy: should we encourage social investments with tax reliefs? » at the 5th Swiss Philanthropy Studies Workshop, CEPS, University of Basel
  • 11/09/2019 - Organisation/Moderation, Philanthropy lunch “Philanthropic organizations and business activity: what are the tax issues?»
  • 04/07/2019 - Presentation «The efficiency of tax incentives to encourage charitable giving: review of the recent economic literature », ERNOP 2019, Basel
  • 03/07/2019 - Expert on the panel «Legal Barriers to Cross-Border Philanthropy in Europe », ERNOP 2019, Basel
  • 15/03/2019 - Presentation «Taxation of non-profits », proFonds, Geneva




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