General Policy

Position of the University of Geneva regarding the Israel-Hamas War


  1. The University of Geneva expresses its solidarity with the academic community of Gaza, the civilian victims of the conflict, as well as the hostages and their relatives. It condemns the destruction of educational and academic infrastructures and is concerned about the consequences of the war on education and research.

  2. The University of Geneva calls on all parties to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights.

  3. The University of Geneva is committed to ensuring transparency in collaboration agreements and partnerships concluded with foreign universities and to strengthen the related ethical and deontological controls.

  4. The University of Geneva is committed to reinforcing and expanding the available programs (Horizon Académique, InZone, Gaza Health Initiative, Scholars at Risk, Peace Programme) in support of students and researchers from Gaza universities, forced to interrupt their academic activities.

  5. The University of Geneva has committed to reflecting on the role of universities in public debate, particularly in cases of armed conflict, and wishes to promote this discussion within swissuniversities and the League of European Research Universities (LERU).

  6. The University of Geneva supports the calls of international humanitarian organizations for the release of hostages and for a ceasefire to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

Adopted by the Rectorate of the University of Geneva on 20 May 2024.
This translation was aided by AI. For the official statement, please refer to the French version