LInked open data platform for the research datasets

hedera is a digital infrastructure designed to host and maintain active research data through digital humanities standards: RDF for metadata, and IIIF for sharing visual assets. Both formats operate by accessing assets through URIs, which facilitate the interoperability of visual assets with their metadata, as well as the sharing and interlinking of different datasets.

What Hedera offers

  • Long-term hosting of data on the servers of the University of Geneva.
  • Access to your data through the university's official Triplestore, which allows the processing of SPARQL queries.
  • Visual media access through the IIIF protocol from the official IIIF endpoint of the university. The following image formats are supported within our architecture :
    • PNG
    • JPG/JPEG/JPEG2000
    • PDF single and/or multiple page
    • GIF
    • TIFF
    • BMP
  • A dynamic IIIF manifest generation system, based on RDF datasets to compact images and their metadata into a single JSON file compatible with IIIF viewers such as Mirador.
  • The ability to configure collection manifests, allowing a top-down view and navigation of the collection of visual documents in a dataset.
  • An automatic depositing of the images as well as the metadata into Yareta, thus guaranteeing the long-term archiving required by SNSF projects and providing a DOI for the dataset.