High Performance Computing

Guidelines for accessing the HPC service


As a respondent you must know the person you are inviting personally; eg. it's about:

  • a colleague in a research project in which you are also participating;
  • a doctoral student you supervise;
  • a student taking your course.

You should not make an invitation in the place of another manager, even trusted, and even if he / she knows the person. In this case, this manager must request to obtain the status of respondent for this service and invite the person himself / herself.



You should only invite people authorized to benefit from access to the HPC service, i.e. those who:

  • are affiliated with the University of Geneva or the HES of Geneva, or who participate in a project carried out in one of these institutions and in which you also participate;
  • really need it; eg you judge that the work will be undertaken on this service is necessary;
  • master the basics to use (able to give Unix command lines, assign an SSH connection, etc.).



In order to avoid abuse or unnecessary storage of data, as a respondent you are responsible:

  • the legitimate use of HPC resources by those you invite;
  • data of the people you have invited, in particular after their departure.