Why Geneva?

Classes and restrictions

Study Plan

When registering online for your exchange, you must submit a preliminary study plan, which should be based on our course programme.

> where the course name is given in French, it means the class is taught through French. If the course name is in English, the class is taught through English.

You will receive approval of your study plan via email. This process may take several weeks.

Your final and official enrolment in classes and exams must be completed upon your arrival in Geneva. Each faculty organises an information session to explain its enrolment procedure.



In general, Master's classes are not open to Bachelor's students. Each faculty has its own exceptions and restrictions. Please read this document concerning restrictions carefully.


Teaching language (s)

The University of Geneva is primarily a French-speaking institution. The majority of classes are therefore taught through French. For exchange students, a B2 level in French is strongly recommended but not obligatory (except in the case of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities).

If you wish to improve your French before your exchange, UNIGE offers intensive classes.


The University of Geneva does not award diplomas to SEMP/COIMBRA exchange students. Students must apply to their home university for diplomas.