MOOC Disease Screening in Public Health


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Current and future public health is characterized by the increase of chronic and degenerative diseases, corresponding to the worldwide ageing of the population. The increasing prevalence of these conditions together with the long incubation period of the chronic diseases and the continual technological innovations, offer new opportunities to develop strategies for early diagnosis.

Public Health has an important mandate to critically assess the promises and the pitfalls of disease screening strategies. This MOOC will help you understand important concepts for screening programs that will be explored through a series of examples that are the most relevant to public health today.  We will conclude with expert interviews that explore future topics that will be important for screening.

By the end of this MOOC, students should have the  competency needed to be involved in the scientific field of screening, and understand the public health perspective in screening programs.

This MOOC has been designed by the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne.


Alexis VALTICOS, University of Geneva
MOOC To Screen or not to Screen? Methods and health policies through case studies

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