About us


The Centre for Continuing and Distance Education works alongside the University of Geneva’s faculties and constitutes a key player in Lifelong Learning. We help professionals gain new skills through training and knowledge transfer approach that draws on latest research and is adapted to today’s work practices.

Empowering professionals 

Continuing education and distance learning is central to the University’s mission to transfer knowledge and complements the University’ undergraduate and graduate education programs. The University of Geneva provides professionals with timely and innovative courses, which draw upon the institution’s wealth of original academic research. The courses also respond effectively to rapidly evolving professional practices. The Centre for Continuing and Distance Education helps conceptualising, developing and launching these training programmes.

UNIGE offers over 300 continuing education programmes that allow participants to obtain a degree or another qualification in a number of fields. UNIGE delivers these programmes in French or English. They are created and updated according to our partners’ needs and are based on the faculties’ existing and recognised expertise. Our partnerships with local, national and international institutions help us ensure that the content of our programmes remains up-to-date and is adapted to rapidly evolving professional practices. Our international partnerships also contribute to generate academic collaboration and synergies across borders, which are inherent to the identities of both UNIGE as an institution and Geneva as a global city.  

Working with the faculties

UNIGE’s faculties develop and implement the programmes. The teaching staff bring their thematic expertise, practical experience and networks to the table, sometimes working with other faculties to provide the applied and multidisciplinary approach that is so enriching and unique to continuing education. Programme coordinators run the programmes and provide participants with assistance and advice on their educational and training journey, as well as personalised and regular support.