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The Geneva Youth Call (GYC) is proud to invite you to contribute to its unique approach to multilateralism and problem-solving. In an attempt to represent the Youth’s interest and opinion, we have created this platform to connect the world's population around major themes. This sharing is based on the fact that change should not be imposed by governments, but can be triggered by individuals who propose specific mechanisms and solutions to overcome a problem. The idea is for us to consider your testimonies and proposals as we conceive an innovative International Youth Charter that we intend to present to the United Nations. To take part in this global movement and trigger change, you can participate in 2 different ways : we call them contributions.

As a “Problem Witness” you can directly share an issue, local or global, to give it more visibility.
Definition of "Problem": Geneva Youth Call understands "problem" to mean a difficult, constraining, or intolerable situation in which an individual, a group of people, or a community does not have the means at its disposal to remedy it.

You can also participate as a “Problem Solver” to share solutions and help solve a problem, existing or new, or inspire people in need of them.
Definition of "Solution": Geneva Youth Call understands by "solution" proposals, projects, sharing of good practices or methods in order to remedy the problem of one or more persons. A solution can come from anyone. It is enough to propose a way to solve an identified or new problem.

Geneva Youth Call reserves the right not to publish or delete any proposal or comment that does not respect the Geneva Youth Call Values and the Platform Terms and conditions.

Click on one of the categories bellow to share a Problem or a Solution. Each thematic allows contributions, either as a Problem Witness or as a Problem Solver.

We look forward to receiving your contribution.


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