Honorary Professor
Institute of Economics and Econometrics

Ph.D., University of Geneva

Uni Mail - 5229
+41 22 379 82 20

Research & publications

Krishnakumar, J. (2017),“Econometric and statistical models for operationalising the capability approach”, in The Handbook of Capability Approach, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.

Krishnakumar, J. and R. Nogales (2017), “Demystifying the use of simultaneous equation models for operationalising Amartya Sen ́s Capability Approach”, in On the Capability of Capabilities, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.

Krishnakumar, J., M. Avila Márquez, and L. Balazsi (2017), “Random Coefficients Models”, in The Econometrics of Multi-Dimensional Panels, in the series Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Springer Verlag, forthcoming.

Addabbo, T., J. Krishnakumar, E. Sarti (2017), “To what extent does disability discourage from work? An empirical analysis of labour force participation of disabled people in Italy”, Research in Social Science and Disability, Volume 10, forthcoming.

Chi, Y-L. J. Krishnakumar, J. Maurer, D. Lonçar and A. Flahault (2016), “Who should finance WHO’s work on emergencies”, The Lancet, 387, 2584-2585.

J. Tellez, J. Krishnakumar, M. Bungener and C. Le Galès, (2016), “Capability deprivation of people with Alzheimer’s disease: An empirical analysis using a national survey”, Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 151, 56-68.

Krishnakumar, J. and F. Chávez-Juárez (2015), “Estimating Capabilities with Structural Equation Models: How well are we doing in a ‘real’ world?”, Social Indicators Research, forthcoming,129: 717, DOI 10.1007/s11205-015-1148-6.

Krishnakumar, J. and D. Neto (2015), “ Testing for the cointegration rank in threshold cointegrated systems with multiple cointegrating relationships”, Statistical Methodology, Vol. 26 (September 2015), 84-102.

Krishnakumar, J. and R. Nogales (2015), “Public Policies for Well-being with Justice: A Theoretical Discussion based on Capabilities and Opportunities”, International Journal of Wellbeing, Vol. 5, No.3, 44-62.

Bigotta, M., J. Krishnakumar and U. Rani (2015), “Further results on the regression based approach to inequality decomposition with evidence from India”, Empirical Economics, Vol. 45, No.3, 1233-1266.


Honorary Professors

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