The Registres du Conseil de Genève (Registers of the Council of Geneva) (RC) in the time of Calvin are an invaluable source for the study of the political, legal, economic, social, and religious history of the city at a decisive period of its existence. This project is a continuation of the transcription and editing work which led to the publication of the RC from 1536 to 1544 in print. It aims not only to continue the transcription work, but also to develop new functionalities that will make these fundamental documents accessible to a wide audience, while at the same time fuelling research in many fields: historical studies, automated processing of ancient languages, as well as digital resources.

This interdisciplinary project is based on a synergy between two institutions of the University of Geneva, the Centre universitaire d'informatique (CUI) and the Faculty of translation and interpreting (FTI), as well as the Fondation de l'Encyclopédie de Genève. Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the project has begun in July 2023 and will run until June 2027.

On a practical level, the project aims to create a freely available and open source platform, providing users with lasting access not only to the RC transcriptions, but also to modernised and translated versions, as well as a series of interactive and pedagogical tools to explore and visualise these data.

In terms of research, the project makes a significant contribution to the fields of ancient language standardisation, machine translation of low-resource languages, and knowledge visualisation, particularly with a temporal component.

Centre Universitaire d'Informatique