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Free MOOC: Youth and online political participation: motivations, spaces, practices and inhibitors

The Spanish team of the EURYKA project Reinventing Democracy in Europe: Youth Doing Politics in Times of Increasing Inequalities is imparting a free online course on Youth and online political participation: motivations, spaces, practices and inhibitors.

The course will run during 4 weeks, from 18 June 2018 to 16 July 2018 and has the following goals:

  • Define the profile of the millennial generation, especially its main inclusion / social exclusion vectors, and tell the differences and similarities with other former generations.
  • Identify the main socialization and political participation practices of the millennial generation, especially political participation and online activism and its inhibitors.
  • Make public policy proposals related to the political participation of millennials.

To achieve these goals, the course will have a weekly structure, covering the following topics:

  • WEEK 1: Youth in Europe. Characterising the Millennials.
  • WEEK 2: New online political participation spaces and practices.
  • WEEK 3: Main barriers and inequalities of online political participation.
  • WEEK 4: Public policy proposals on youth and online political participation.

The general dynamic of every week will be as follows:

  • Watch an introductory video.
  • Read the suggested readings.
  • Do a self-assessment quizz.
  • Do an assignment, usually writing some minor essay, share it publicly and comment it (assignments will not be corrected or marked)

The evolution of the course can be followed on Twitter at #EURYKAmooc.

The course provides no accreditation or certification.