About us

The Geneva School of Social Sciences (G3S) was created on 1 January 2014. As a center for learning, research, exchange, and publication, it seeks to explore the challenges of contemporary societies: economic and cultural globalization; shifting political and social identities; individual and collective vulnerability; economic, social and spatial injustice and inequality; democratic challenges etc.. These issues require the multi-disciplinary analytical skills and expertise that the School’s researchers bring to the table. They also require the involvement of students and the most diversified academic, social and political networks. The Geneva School of Social Sciences promotes social commitment to sustainable and equitable development, reduced social inequality – particularly with regard to gender – and institutions and political systems that are more participatory and respectful of justice and diversity.

The Geneva School of Social Sciences gathers a new community of researchers, teachers, support staff members and students who are eager to create and transmit knowledge within and outside of the academic world. The community draws from multiple fields such as sociology, political science, geography, and political economics, and encompasses research centers that engage with such diverse areas as social economic history, gender studies, communication, socioeconomics, territorial development, the analysis of political and social institutions, life course and social vulnerability studies, international relations and citizenship studies. The Geneva School of Social Sciences endeavours to be the crossroads, not only between different fields of study, but also between knowledge and action, all the while promoting state-of-the-art research and education.