FAQ Section

1. Overall:

Is the registration to the Tandems linguistiques  binding?

Registration to the Tandems linguistiques platform is not formally binding. It simply allows people who sign in to use the system in order to find tandem partners who match their search criteria and to be "found" by other users in their own searches.

Is the confidentiality guaranteed to users of the platform?

Yes, the platform is used anonymously up until a tandem request - which connects 2 users - is formally accepted by its recipient. Moreover, users are alerted by the system when they are about to disclose their identity (when for instance accepting a request).

Is it possible to choose exclusively partners of the same gender?

Yes, one only needs to specify this option in one's research profile. Ticking this option also guarantees not to appear in the search results' list of users of the other gender.

Is the registration to the Tandems Linguistitques definite/permanent?

No, every user can sign out at any time. What is more, the initial registration is only valid for one university semester: an email inviting users to reactivate their registration (which can be done in one "clic") is sent at the beginning of every semester.

2. Use of the Tandems Linguistiques platform:

What happens when I send a request to another user?

The other user receives an email alerting him that he/she has received a tandem request and giving him/her the details of my request (language, work rhythm, etc). If he or she accepts this request, a joint email is sent to both of us. This message contains our respective personal details, which allows us to communicate directly.
We are then considered "in tandem" by the system and will no longer appear in the searches of other users for the 2 selected languages; neither me nor my partner will then be able to launch new searches for these 2 languages (NB: this default option can be modified in the search profile in case I want to build up a new tandem for this language).

If my tandem request is refused by the other user, I am immediately alerted by email. I can then launch a new search and send a request to another user.

What to do if...

-       … I can not find a partner who matches my search criteria?

It can be that my search criteria (work rythm or style) are too restrictive. It can also be that users who would match my criteria have not signed in to the system yet; in this case, I should wait a few days before reviewing my request.

-       … My tandem request remains unanswered?

It can be that my request has been sent to an inactive user. If this persists for a few days, I should cancel my request and send a new one to another user.