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Permanence at the Campus Life information point

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A program or faculty (study plans, exams, regulations, curricula, administrative issues, etc.)

If you have any questions about your university course (study plans, mobility, etc.), please contact your faculty's academic advisors.

For administrative questions, please contact the secretariat of your faculty.



Academic exchange

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IT support

IT support for students:        

Contact an IT research and teaching assistant(ARE-i)
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IT support for the university community:

Online request in DIGITAL WORKPLACE

Centre d'accueil des demandes
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Wing building n° 2, 4th floor
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Communication (press, publications, events, etc.)

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Press contact: media(at)                      


Other topics

If none of the above items corresponds to your request, please contact communication(at)

Telephone centre: +41 22 379 71 11