MAS Children's Rights – 2019


  • To acquire extended and specialised knowledge in children’s rights in their theoretical and practical dimensions
  • To deepen understanding of the role of international instruments on children’s rights in the implementation and monitoring processes
  • To develop critical thinking on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child


Professional who works with children’s rights issues: lawyer, psychologist, sociologist, judge, law enforcement officer, social worker, teacher, government official, staff from governmental and non governmental organisations, academic and journalist

Learning outcomes

  • Acquired detailed knowledge of children’s rights in the fields of law, sociology, psychology, culture and economics, including differences in gender and culture
  • Be able to adopt a critical approach to understanding the origins, nature, limits and implementation of children’s rights from an international and interdisciplinary perspective
  • Increased their skills in collaborative and independent learning via the resolution of intellectually challenging tasks in order to improve problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Learn relevant theoretical, methodological and analytical techniques and develop skills in order to identify and contribute to resolving issues and problems relating to the realisation of children’s rights
  • Improv their presentation and advocacy skills via the production of seminar presentations, discussion papers, essays and project work dealing with particular issues in children’s rights
  • Develop the necessary tools to use human rights standards and mechanisms at a national and international level


7 week-long residential modules: Children’s Rights and childhood studies • International children’s rights law • Child protection strategies and policies • Children’s rights and criminal justice • Child labour and education • Children’s rights and migration • Children’s rights policy implementation and monitoring

MAS’s Dissertation


Prof. Karl HANSON, the Centre for Children's Rights Studies (CIDE), University of Geneva


Dr. Roberta Ruggiero, University of Geneva


International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE), Sion


February 2019 - November 2020
60 ECTS credits
224 Teaching hours






+41 (0) 27 205 73 93


Geneva, Sion


Registration deadline

1 December 2018
Modules can be followed individually


CHF 15'150.-

CHF 2'000.- par module

Admission criteria

  • University degree (or judged equivalent)
  • At least two years of professional experience relevant to the programme

Number of participants

Le nombre de participants est adadpté à la pédagogie choisie.