Certified true copies

For secondary and/or university transcripts/grade reports and diploma certificates issued by foreign authorities in countries that have not signed or ratified the Lisbon Convention, the University of Geneva requires prospective students to provide "certified true copies".

Certified true copies are photocopies of original documents which have been vetted, in general, by an authority of the country where the original document was obtained.

That authority must be empowered to certify copies as certified true copies by affixing a "certified true copy" stamp, an Apostille, or similar seal or legend on the copies in question. The precise form will vary by country.

Notaries in Switzerland and in other countries are empowered to certify copies as certified true copies.

In addition, the following authorities may be empowered to do this ; it varies by country:

  • The schools and universities that issued the documents
  • Embassies and/or consulates of the countries where the documents were issued
  • For some countries: municipal governments or education ministries

Please note that the certification (or Apostille) has to be an original one (the copies of certifications/apostille are not accepted). Please note as well that if the certification is not done in one of the five languages accepted by the UNIGE (French, German, Italian, English or Spanish), an official translation is also required.

We require certified true copies for the following documents, if they had been issued in a country having not signed nor ratified the Lisbon Convention:

  • secondary-school diploma certificates
  • secondary-school transcripts / grade reports
  • university diploma certificates
  • university transcripts / grade reports
  • provisional certificates indicating successful completion of studies
  • certificates indicating successful completion of studies

N.B. Please note that incomplete dossiers, in particular those not including certified true copies as outlined above, will not be processed. No correspondence will be entered into in such cases.