Most online resources are only accessible through the UNIGE IT network or off-site by using VPN.

Most useful databases

wos.pngWeb of Science Core Collection

Multidisciplinary scientific database with citation metrics (citation reports, h-index…)


Open archiv for publications in physics, computer science and mathematics

CERN Document Server

Institutional repository for the publications of CERN

INIS (International Nuclear Information System)

Database of the International Atomic Energy Agency

MathSciNet Database of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)
INSPIRES-HEP Database in high-energy physics

Research of crystallographic data :

Cambridge Crystallographic Data
Centre CCDC - CSD

Crystal structures database for organic and organometallic compounds
Contact Céline Besnard to get full access to CSD

Data Activities in Crystallography

IUCr  crystallographic resources


Database of crystal structures for inorganic compounds
Contact Céline Besnard to get full access to ICSD

More resources



Interactive resources for learning science