Equipment / IT

Access electronic resources (Wi-Fi, VPN...)

UNIGE members

Free access computers

Computers connected to the internet are available:

  • in the library with free access to search catalogues; no registration needed
  • in computer rooms (student PC rooms) at the Library and  at the University

On admission to the University you were assigned an email address and an account ISIs (login) giving you access to the computer network and services.  You can also print at these stations on dedicated printers.

More details are available on the "IT Support for Students" or from the Auxiliaires de Recherche et d'Enseignement informatiques (ARE-i) available to you.


Use your ISIs account (login) to connect to the Wi-fi network Wi-Fi 'unige'. Follow the instructions if needed.

In some libraries, you may have laptops available for loan. Check with the Auxiliaires de Recherche et d'Enseignement informatiques (ARE-i) at your disposal.

Remote access (VPN)

You can access all your information, publications, databases, etc. from any computer anywhere in the world. 

To do this you need:


Non-UNIGE users

Free access computers

Non-UNIGE users have access to internet via public internet stations.

These are available in the entrance halls of Uni Dufour, Uni Mail, Uni Bastions and at CMU, to allow everyone to have access to internet to consult emails, carry out searches, look for a job …

There is no need for a user identification or password to use these.


If you have been invited, you can use Wi-Fi by creating a temporary wifi access. More information.

(Remark: the online resources such as databases, online journals, ebooks etc are not available through those networks)