Equipment / IT

Access electronic resources (Wi-Fi, VPN...)

UNIGE members

Free access computers

Computers connected to the internet are available:

  • in the library with free access to search catalogues; no registration needed
  • in computer rooms (student PC rooms) at the Library and  at the University

On admission to the University you were assigned an email address and an account ISIs (login) giving you access to the computer network and services.  You can also print at these stations on dedicated printers.

More details are available on the "IT Support for Students" or from the Auxiliaires de Recherche et d'Enseignement informatiques (ARE-i) available to you.


Use your ISIs account (login) to connect to the Wi-fi network Wi-Fi 'unige'. Follow the instructions if needed.

In some libraries, you may have laptops available for loan. Check with the Auxiliaires de Recherche et d'Enseignement informatiques (ARE-i) at your disposal.

Remote access (VPN)

You can access all your information, publications, databases, etc. from any computer anywhere in the world. 

To do this you need:


 Members of the HUG:
To obtain a VPN access, HUG members must obtain a computer account at the UNIGE by means of the following form (check the option: "an e-mail address at the university").

Remote access (OpenAthens)

OpenAthens is a system that allows you to connect to the platforms hosting the Library's digital resources (publisher's website or database, etc.) with the institutional login (ISIs/HUG) from any computer, worldwide, without VPN.

How to connect?

You can use one of these 3 options:

  1. Via the links proposed on swisscovery UNIGE portal following your literature search
  2. From the direct link available on the list of publishers covered
  3. Directly on the website of the publisher you are interested in according to the procedure below

Authentification from the publisher's platform

The precise display will vary according to the desired platform but will follow the logic of "se connecter" and then "Connectez-vous via votre institution".

Search for "University of Geneva - UNIGE" in the list of proposals.

Select "Accès via Université de Genève" - UNIGE.


This will automatically redirect you to the following login page: