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Uni Arve (Sciences)


  • 1  meeting/working room : 15 places
  • 2 PC rooms : 20 PC et 13 PC

Reservation from

All the rooms are equipped with beamers except the History of medicine room. 

Terms of use

Terms of use

Accessible to:

  • staff of the Faculty of Medicine and the HUG

  • computing assistants for their courses

Uses permitted:

  • courses, presentations, seminars

  • on-line exams (Campus)



Uni Mail

The Library offers 33study spaces corresponding to 115 work places.  Reservations can only be made online. 

  • 25 spaces for group work (2 to 8 people).  Reservation
  • 7 individual interpretation booths (reserved for interpretation students).  Reservation
  • 1 cabin with 2 consultation places dedicated to financial databases (only for GSEM students and authorized people). Reservation.

To reserve login and use your ISIS/SwitchAAI password

Cabines plan

Rules for the use of the study spaces
  • Study spaces are for the exclusive use of members of the University and their use is reserved exclusively for group work.
  • Their use is restricted to max. 4 hours per day and per group.
  • Cabin keys are not distributed.
  • The reservation and use of cabins in order to give payant courses is stricly prohibited.
  • The cabin's reservation becomes null and void in following cases:
    • if participants are more than 15 minutes late
    • invidual use
    • eating and drinking except for bottled water
    • storing personal belongings or work

In those cases, the space is given to another group.

  • Reservation is compulsory and can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.