Document supply service (ILL)

For libraries: order of documents from the UNIGE Library

We are happy to provide documents (physical books, theses, copies of articles or chapters) from the collections of the UNIGE Library on interlibrary loan to Swiss or foreign libraries.


  • Have an institutional account by SLSP (to request at swisscovery(at)
  • Sign in on swisscovery UNIGE via "without SWITCH edu-ID". When you log in for the first time, you must reset your account password using the link "Institutional accounts: reset password".

Order a book, a thesis

Unfortunately, due to the migration of our system, we are not yet able to respond to interlibrary loan requests for physical documents. For Swiss libraries participating in the SLSP Courier service, a large part of our collection can be ordered directly by users from swisscovery.

However, should we be the only library to own the document, please do not hesitate to contact us with this information and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Order an article, a chapter

  1. Go to swisscovery and log in with your SLSP account.
  2. Open the form « Citation Linker » in the top banner.
  3. If you have the DOI or PMID of the document, fill in this identifier in the field provided. If not, fill in the information about the desired document as accurately as possible.
  4. Click on the button « Submit ».
  5. In this new window, check if the collected data corresponds to the desired document and click on the link « Demander article ou chapitre ».
  6. The window with the order form opens. Fill in your contact information and check the complete reference of the desired article or chapter.
  7. Click on the button « Envoyer la demande ».
  8. An order confirmation is sent by email. The scanned documents are delivered by email to the address indicated at the time of the order.


Book or thesis
Article or chapter
SLSP Library, via the Courier service 6 CHF 5 CHF**
Swiss Library 12 CHF
Library from Europa 2 IFLA (24 CHF) 1 IFLA (12 CHF)**
Library from United Kingdom and other countries 3 IFLA (36 CHF)

** Up to 20 pages, then 2.50 CHF for each additional 20 pages

Timeframe, loan term, and renewals

Documents are sent within 48 hours (+ postal delays if applicable).

The standard loan term is 28 days. To obtain a renewal, please contact the library that processed your request before the initial term (see contacts beside).