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PhD Library Camp


Outcomes :

  • Be efficient in all good practices on research data management (Module 1), including data organization, storage and sharing
  • Be aware of the new challenges and issues in scientific publications (Module 2), including  Open Access, funding agencies requirements and indicators used to evaluate research.

Description :  These two workshops will help you improve your skills in everyday and long term data management, understand and follow UNIGE and SNF Open Access requirements, manage your copyrights as an author and finally improve your online scientific ID with tools such as OrcID.

For who? Exclusively reserved for PhD students of the Faculty of Science and from the Life Sciences PhD School

Prerequisite : None

Format : 2 independent modules, in English

Program : 

  • Module 1 – Managing research data as a junior scientist

  • Module 2 – Publishing an article : how to make an informed choice ?


  • Module 1

    • Thursday 30 January, 8:45-16:30


    • Wednesday 05 February, 8:45-16:30
  • Module 2

    • Friday 31 January, 8:45-16:30


    • Thursday 06 February, 8:45-16:30


Uni Arve, Schmidheiny library (Sciences 2)

Topics : Data management, data storage, electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN), data repositories, Creative common licences, copyrights, data management plan (DMP),  scientific publication process, Open access, h-index, impact factor, scientific ID,  academic social networks, etc.

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