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Research Data

Understand the issues of saving and sharing of research data.

Our training activities aim to help you in your research data management!

Introduction to Research Data (only in French)

Concepts and Best Practices for Managing your Data

SNSF Data Management Plan (DMP)

How to fill it and what information to include?

SNSF Data Management Plan (DMP) - part 2

Personal support to write your own DMP

FAIR principles, in 15 minutes (only in French)

How to best share your data?

Yareta, the Geneva data repository

How to preserve and share your research data with Yareta

Choosing a data repository, in 15 minutes

Preserve your data at the end of your research, in 15 minutes

Anonymisation of personal/sensitive data, in 15 minutes (only in French)

Data storage options, in 15 minutes (only in French)