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Research Data

Understand the issues of saving and sharing of research data.

Our training activities aim to help you in your research data management!

SNSF Data Management Plan (DMP)

How to fill it and what information to include?

Data Management Plan for the CUREG

What's it for and how do you fill it?

Introduction to Research Data (only in French)

Managing your data well

How to archive and share your data

Depositing your research data in Yareta

Getting started with the institutional tool

Yareta Lunch

Data Papers, Data Statements

How to visibilize the work you've invested in your data

In 15 minutes

Organization and naming of research data files (only in French)

In 15 minutes

Managing your research data in accordance with the FAIR principles

In 15 minutes

Anonymizing personal/sensitive data

In 15 minutes

Where to store your data during your research?

In 15 minutes

Research data licensing

In 15 minutes