LARA portal and community

The central goal of the CALLECTOR project is to develop a social network for CALL content. People interested in crowdsourcing of CALL content will be able to use this infrastructure to create their own content, read other people's content, express their opinion about other people's content, and generally interact with other users. As a first step in this direction, we have developed the "LARA portal". This makes it easy for non-technical people to create their own LARA content and maintain personalised LARA pages reflecting their reading history.

We are developing a community of users interested in creating and using LARA content. From the outset, ethical issues are being given priority to ensure that users' rights are protected and that the community is independent and self-sustaining. We say more about this in our three papers: What do the founders of online communities owe to their users? , Decentralising power and Vegetarian Vampires