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UNIGE Information

9 July - The coronavirus crisis has led to the loss of many "student jobs" and the emergence of new needs, particularly in terms of computer hardware and connectivity to meet the new requirements of distance learning. To help their students cope with this situation, the UNIGE and the HES-SO Genève strengthen their financial aid programme for the 2020-2021 academic year , amounting to CHF 4.6 million. Read more

26 June - The UNIGE reopens its doors to the public from 29 June, in strict compliance with health recommendations. Nevertheless, priority will be given to the UNIGE/HUG community during the exam period for access to the Library's work areas. As of September 1st, a new set of rules will be implemented for remote working. Until then, the transitional rules still apply. The new academic year in September 2020 will start off primarily on site with a large online component, drawing on the remote teaching developed skills to enhance the quality of the education. > Read more

19 June – The August/September 2020 exam session will be a mix of online and in-person exams. The Rectorate recommends that retakes of exams from the January/February 2020 session be conducted in person and those from the May/June 2020 session be conducted online. The exams taken during the August/September 2020 session will count as attempts, and students will not automatically be excused if they fail to turn up for an exam. However, exceptions to these principles will be allowed, and this will be left up to each faculty or center's dean's office or direction team, who will provide students with the details of how your exams will be run. >Read more


In order to protect oneself and others, following the recommendations in terms of personal hygiene and social behavior is the most effective tool. Each and everyone can become an ambassador for preventive measures in his or her family and social circle, inside and outside the University. > Protective measures

Access to UNIGE buildings

> Read more about access to spaces and facilities

UNIGE policies

In her management of the coronavirus crisis, the University of Geneva applies the recommendations of Federal and Cantonal authorities, in particular those of the cantonal doctor, derived from those of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). These are the only health authorities to which it refers.

UNIGE is carefully monitoring this quickly-changing situation. The University may adapt its policies at any time in response to new recommendations. Any change will be immediately reflected on this page. Should a major change take place, members of the University community will be informed by e-mail.

As an academic institution, we have a particular responsibility in our management of this crisis and the reactions it generates. In a serene and exemplary fashion, we must broadly disseminate scientifically valid information, ensure that the voices of our researchers are heard, and soothe excessive fears through objective and factual information. Demonstrate serenity and exemplarity.

For any intern question related to the UNIGE policy, please send an e-mail to steps(at)unige.ch.

HOTLINE Federal Office of Public Health
058 463 00 00

022 427 88 00