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25 May - Researchers at the University of Geneva are committed to research on SARS-CoV-2 from medical, scientific, economic, legal and societal perspectives. This versatility reflects the importance of multidisciplinary skills to face complex challenges. > An overview of the research carried out at UNIGE

20 May - The application form for contract extensions or funding for young researchers who feel they have had a significant impact on their research for the duration of the lockdown is now available. Regardless of where the funding comes from, this opportunity is opened to PhD students, postdoc or research and teaching fellows and scholarship holders whose commitment, contract or grant is temporary, regardless of their source of funding. > More information

14 May - The UNIGE is launching a collective reflexion on the "lessons of the crisis". By means of video workshops and questionnaires, the process aims to gather feedback and proposals from staff and students in order to identify the long-term transformations that this crisis suggests and/or that would seem desirable. > Join in (french only)


In order to protect oneself and others, following the recommendations in terms of personal hygiene and social behavior is the most effective tool. Each and everyone can become an ambassador for preventive measures in his or her family and social circle, inside and outside the University. > Protective measures

Access to UNIGE buildings

> Read more about access to spaces and facilities

UNIGE policies

The University of Geneva maintains constant contact with the Cantonal Health authorities and applies the recommendations of the cantonal doctor, derived from those of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the only health authorities to which it refers.

UNIGE is carefully monitoring this quickly-changing situation. The University may adapt its policies at any time in response to new recommendations. Any change will be immediately reflected on this page. Should a major change take place, members of the University community will be informed by e-mail.

As an academic institution, we have a particular responsibility in our management of this crisis and the reactions it generates. In a serene and exemplary fashion, we must broadly disseminate scientifically valid information, ensure that the voices of our researchers are heard, and soothe excessive fears through objective and factual information. Demonstrate serenity and exemplarity.

For any intern question related to the UNIGE policy, please send an e-mail to steps(at)unige.ch.

HOTLINE Federal Office of Public Health
7/7  - 10 am to 10 pm
058 463 00 00

HOTLINE Geneva - 7/7 - 9 am to 9 pm
0800 909 400