2021-2022 Academic year

Updated 17 February 2022

Teaching during 2022 Spring semester

The UNIGE teaching will take place in person during the 2022 spring semester,  and Covid certificates or negative test certificates from the UNIGE will no longer be required. Both are abandoned as of today for all University activities such as access to classrooms and auditoriums, the library and cafeterias, participation in public events, etc.

Wearing a mask is no longer required in university buildings, but people who wish to do so can of course continue to use it freely. Management may also require the wearing of masks if special circumstances make it necessary, for example in rooms within hospital or care amenities.

Class contents available remotely

To enable all students to follow the courses with the greatest possible continuity, the class contents will be made available remotely throughout the spring semester, using the most appropriate tools for each class such as streaming, recording, sharing documents on moodle or exchanging notes. Despite this opportunity, please note that classes are taught in person and not in a hybrid format. This is a one-off assistance for people who are unable to attend the courses due to illness.

All of these provisions also apply to continuing teaching, UNI3 and free auditors.

In-person teaching is a key part of higher education – it ensures that all members of our community can interact, debate ideas and share their knowledge, and it enhances the social side of university life, too.

UNIGE shares this conviction with all Swiss universities. "A quality education is not limited to the transmission of knowledge and methods, but also and above all includes the ability to analyse complex issues, to argue in a differentiated manner, to think in a network and to respectfully confront other ideas and opinions. These facets of higher education are closely linked to in-person teaching," as swissuniversities emphasised in a recent position paper.