Updated 2 July 2020

800x754_pictoEspace.pngKeep a distance of at least 1,5 meters from other people, especially when you’re: in common areas, such as elevators and bathrooms in queues (in the library, cafeterias, etc.) in offices and laboratories. Maintaining social distance is essential in all UNIGE spaces and during all activities.


Picto_01.pngRespect hygiene measures
Wash your hands frequently, preferably with soap and water or otherwise with hand sanitizer.
If you’re working on site, you will receive a reusable 100ml bottle of hand sanitizer to keep with you. You can refill the bottle at any of the sanitizer dispensers in the buildings’ main areas or through your contact person.

Cough and sneeze into a tissue or into the crook of your arm, then dispose of the tissue in a waste bin. Avoid direct contact (handshakes, hugs).


Picto_Spray.pngClean the work surfaces
Disinfect shared equipment and areas – such as printers, meeting rooms, laboratories, reception areas and counters – before and after use, and clean your own desk frequently. Cleaning products (disinfectant wipes, liquids and sprays) will be available to each staff member.

> How to get cleaning products: Supervisors are responsible for letting their contact person know what cleaning products they need for their team. The contact person is responsible for handing out the requested products. A deposit return system is in place for supplies of disinfectant products, so keep hold of your spray bottles and wipe containers.


Picto_Masque.pngAT UNIGE : If social distance cannot be maintained for more than 15 minutes or if your work environment requires it, wear a face mask.

According to new recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), face masks are compulsory on public transport as of Monday 6 July.

At UNIGE, wear face mask is necessary if :

  • a distance of 1,5 meters between yourself and others cannot be maintained for more than 15 minutes;
  • wearing them is required in order to comply with the requirements for resuming activities established by your superiors.

N.B. Wearing a face mask does not replace the other precautionary measures recommended: social distancing, teleworking, planning professional activities so as to limit the number of people on site at the same time, staggered working hours, etc. Face masks can be effective in specific situations and if they are used correctly. However, they can also give a false sense of security and thereby undermine social distancing measures, which are the best means of protecting ourselves.

Two masks per day, per person can be made available to University employees. Needs are defined by superiors and communicated via the designated contact persons.

> How to use it ? Read the instructions



Can you work your tasks from home? You can ask to keep on teleworking, partially or full time, in accordance with your supervisors. If the requirements of the faculty, centre or service allow it and if University staff members have the necessary technical equipment and material means available at home, they can ask to work remotely after 8 June. If required, staff members can be called upon to work on site. In this case, the necessary arrangements will be made to ensure that health regulations are respected. The different possible scenarios are summarized HERE.




Face-to-face meetings must allow a distance of 1.5 metres between participants. If this is impossible, use video conferencing for your work meetings.


If an in-person gathering is absolutely unavoidable and it is not possible to keep the necessary distance or wear a mask, the contact details of all those present must be taken down so that they can be traced if needed.




 Do you show any symptoms? Stay home, contact your doctor or a health center and get tested. Follow the prescriptions of health authorities.




SwissCovid app

Icon SwissCovid App.pngHealth authorities recommend to download and install the SwissCovid app for cell phones (Android/iPhone) which will help to contain the new coronavirus. Using the SwissCovid app is voluntary and free of charge.
Google Play Store for Android
Apple Store for iOS

Get information from official sources

UNIGE recommends to select official and regularly updated sources to obtain accurate information about the coronavirus

The FOPH has set up a Coronavirus hotline

  • For the general public :           058 463 00 00
  • For travellers :                            058 464 44 88

information on the evolution of health care recommendations

UNIGE is carefully monitoring this quickly-changing situation. The University may adapt its policies at any time in response to new recommendations.

For any internal question related to the UNIGE policy, please send an e-mail to steps(at)