Use of face mask at UNIGE

Updated 4 October 2021

Wearing a face mask is compulsory inside all university buildings whenever the COVID certificate is not required. 

The mask is therefore compulsory:

  • In UNIGE buildings and common areas (corridors, passageways, work and relaxation areas);
  • Offices, open spaces and laboratories for employees;
  • For courses requiring standing without respecting distances (e.g. practical work);
  • For people with a medical certificate exempting them from vaccination.
  • For courses at the Faculty of Medicine, due to its close collaboration with the HUG, whose protection plan must be respected.

Face mask isn't compulsory:

  • Inside classes and auditoriums during teaching, as students must have a COVID certificate or a UNIGE negative test certificate (except for courses for the Faculty of Medicine, where both the mask and the Covid certificate or the certificate of negative testing are required);
  • Inside cafeterias, which are subject to the protection plan for the company catering sector, and only when the person is seated;
  • In offices and open spaces, when employees have reached their workplace, and provided that the distance of 1.5 meters from other persons present is respected. The same rule applies during working meetings;
  • In the UNIGE library, where a COVID certificate or a UNIGE negative test certificate is required;
  • For people who cannot wear a face mask for medical or other reasons, in which case a certificate from a specialist must be obtained.


The FOPH rules on the correct use of face masks must be followed by staff members, students and anyone else on University premises. The Rectorate has also drawn up a directive setting out the rules concerning face masks.

> How to use it ? Read the instructions

> How to get one ? Distribution of protective material for students and staff members 

In-person courses are accessible upon presentation of a COVID certificate or a UNIGE negative test certificate, for students and teaching staff. The wearing of a mask is not compulsory, except for courses in the Faculty of Medicine.

The mask can only be removed if a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters is maintained between the seated participants.

I can only remove my mask in my office if I am seated at my workplace and if the distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people present is respected.

People may remove their mask inside the Library which is subject to a COVID certificate.

Employees: No, you must wear your face mask even there is a plexiglas.

Users: No, you must wear your face mask when you are at the porter’s lodge or the counter.

It is not compulsory for participants and speakers to wear a mask, as Covid Certificate is required. By analogy with other professional branches, organisers and staff hired for the event must wear a mask.  

The face mask must be worn by all participants, except for the defendant during his speech.


No, you must wear your face mask in all relaxation areas. Meals can't be eaten in the work or relaxation areas but only in the cafeterias.

No, the wearing of a face mask is compulsory in the university buildings whenever people move around.

Cafeterias are subject to the COVID certificate. Masks are not compulsory when seated.

The cafeterias are for the sole use of the catering.


No, you must wear your face mask at all times.

Yes, the mask can be removed in outdoor areas.

Sports and cultural activities are subject to the rules related to those activites, as specified by the Federal Council: They will be displayed on their respective registration pages.

Yes, the exhibition hall is subject to the COVID certificate. Masks are not compulsory.