Conferences - Autumn 2022

During the Autumn semester 2022, several lab members attended different (inter)national conferences. Prosper went to the SfN Neuroscience 2022 in San Diego (US) from the 12th to the 16th of November. Evie, Caro, and Stephanie went to the 63rd annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society in Boston (US) from the 17th to the 20th of November. And finally, Nora and Anae went to the Swiss Society of Early Childhood Research in Lausanne (Switzerland) on the 21st and 22nd of November. See below for some pictures!

SfN Neuroscience 2022 (12/11 - 16/11)

Prosper presented his work on the future use of memorized information in working memory.


63rd Annual Psychonomics Meeting (17/11 - 20/11)

On Friday (18/11), Stephanie and Caro presented their work in the poster sessions. Stephanie's poster was about decoding the neural signatures of refreshing in working memory using EEG.


Caro's poster was about an Inhibition of Return effect in working memory as typically observed in perception research. 


On Sunday (20/11), Evie presented about the consequences of prioritization in working memory across different prioritization modes and domains. 


Swiss Society of Early Childhood Research (21/11 - 22/11)

Nora and Anae attended the Swiss Society of Early Childhood Research conference in Lausanne. 


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