Conferences - Summer 2022

During the summer of 2022, we were finally able to attend conferences in person. For some of us, this was even the first time! Evie, Naomi, Beatrice, and Caro went to the 22nd conference of the European Society of Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP) in Lille (France), Stéphanie went to the 17th conference of the Swiss Psychological Society (SPS) in Zürich (Switzerland), and Nora went to the Flux conference in Paris (France). See below for some pictures! 

22nd ESCoP conference (29/08 - 01/09)

On Tuesday, Evie was the first one to present (on the big stage even)! Her presentation was about her research on the consequences of directing attention within verbal working memory, a project she is doing together with Stéphanie Jeanneret, Caro Hautekiet, and Naomi Langerock. 


Next up was Caro on Wednesday morning. She organized a symposium including Nelson Cowan, Amy Atkinson, Laura-Isabelle Klatt, and Alessandra Souza. Caro presented her work on the benefits of information residing in the focus of attention in working memory. A project she is doing together with Evie Vergauwe and Naomi Langerock. 


Wednesday afternoon, Beatrice organized a symposium and presented her work on the effects of free time and motivation on the spontaneous use of attentional refreshing in children. A project she is doing together with Evie Vergauwe. Her symposium included Andria Shimi, Alicia Forsberg, Christophe Fitamen, and Alessandro Santirocchi. 


On Thursday, the final day of the conference, Naomi presented her poster on putting working memory into practice, work she is doing together with Evie Vergauwe.


Next to many interesting posters and presentations, there was also time for networking. The Women in Working Memory (WomWom) gathered for an apéro on Tuesday evening. 

apéro womwom.JPG

17th conference of SPS (04/09 - 06/09)

Stéphanie presented her work on decoding the neural signatures of attentional refreshing in working memory with EEG at the Swiss Psychological Society conference in Zürich. She is doing this project together with Lea Bartsch (University of Zürich), Nora Turoman, Prosper Fiave, and Evie Vergauwe. 


Flux conference (07/09 - 09/09)

Nora went to the Flux Society conference in Paris to present her work on decoding working memory contents in school-aged children. A project she is doing together with Prosper Fiave, Clélia Zhand, Megan deBettencourt, and Evie Vergauwe.


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