Graduate Conference

Current Edition


V Geneva Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

15 - 16 February 2024

Department of Political Science & International Relations
40 boulevard du Pont d'Arve - CH-1211
University of Geneva - M1140, M1150, Uni-Mail




 13:20 Welcome Address - M1150 
Emanuela Ceva (University of Geneva)

 13:30 – 15:00 Keynote Talk – M1150 
Andrea Sangiovanni (King’s College London)
The Value of Solidarity
Chair: Emanuela Ceva (University of Geneva)


 15:00 - 16:30 Graduate Session 1 

A. M1150 – Structural Injustice | Chair: Francesco Chiesa (University of Geneva)
• Felix Lambrecht (University of Toronto): Structural Change and the Four Faces of Structural Injustice
• Bosco Lebrun (LUISS Guido Carli University): Inescapable Structural Injustice: A Non-Objectivist Perspective on Justice and Power
B. M1140 – Sovereignty and Statehood | Chair: Dario Mazzola (University of Geneva)
• Alessandro Volpi (Vita-Salute San Raffaele University): Rethinking the Relationship between Climate Change and Sovereignty Through the Lens of Climate Justice
• Coen Schuckink Kool (University of Antwerp): Stop Thinking Like a State: Reassessing the All-Affected Principle


 16:30-16:50 Break 

 16:50 - 18:20 Graduate Session 2 

A. M1150 – Epistemic Issues | Chair: Patrizia Pedrini (University of Geneva)
• Leonardo Menezes (University of Minho): Why are Grateful Refugees Epistemically Harmed?
• Sara Kok (University of Bern): Blameworthiness and Epistemic Advantage
B. M1140 – Legitimacy and Crises | Chair: Serkan Şeker (University of Geneva)
• Kyryll Khromov (University of Geneva): Sources of Legitimacy and Inseparability Thesis
• Anna Marino (University of Neuchâtel): Conceptualising Crises as Claims: A Novel Approach


Social Dinner 


 09:30 - 11:00 Graduate Session 3 

A. M1150 – Discrimination and Responsibility |Chair: M. Carolina Jiménez (University of Geneva)
• Lydia Tsiakiri (Aarhus University): Sensitivity to Personal Responsibility: (Wrongfully) Discriminatory or Not?
• Shalom Chalson (Australian National University): Social Salience and Discrimination
B. M1140 – Democracy | Chair: Melis Pinar Akdag (University of Geneva)
• Ronja Maria Heymann (University of Essex): Beyond the Market: Competition, Democracy, and Deliberation
• Matthieu Debief (University of Geneva): Nonprofit’s Various Political Roles


 11:00-11:30 Break 

 11:30 – 13:00 Keynote Talk – M1150 
Nadia Mazouz (ETH Zurich)
Paradoxes in Democracy and Liberalism

Chair: Matteo Gianni (University of Geneva)


 Conference ends