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GEMFIN Students in the Boardroom

To conclude the 9-months program, our GEMFIN (Geneva Master of Advanced Studies in Finance) students participated last week in a unique intensive day-long boardroom simulation game.

Mentored by volunteer senior professionals, student teams solved a real-world complex financial problem, culminating materials acquired and various skills developed throughout the year.

The student “Executive Committees” then had to persuade the board members that their recommendations were the most appropriate for the company.

After strong discussions and  lively debates around the tables and tough boardroom exchanges, the winning team was announced. Congratulations to Alexandre Armando, Luka Dacić, João Fernandez and Alexandre Lopez, for winning the first prize! The second place went to Shawn Froidevaux, Claudia Giovanozzi, Ida Glimberg, and Karim Issa.

And congratulations to all teams for the excellent work!

A big big thank you to our fantastic judges Sally Beh, Alexander Dembitz, Ralfonso Gschwend and Antoine Leboyer for the truly real-life boardroom experience!

This year, our students worked on a case study on the UBS acquisition of Wealthfront, which was developed especially for the boardroom simulation by Prof. Norman Schurhoff and Sam Wagner.


Application for the September 2022 intake of the GEMFIN is currently open.

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May 27, 2022
  News and Insights