Past Seminars

GFRI Finance Research Seminar Series 2020


5  March                   Simacha Barkai, LBS,  “Who's in Favor of Competition?”

22 April                     Laurent Fresard, USI, “Data Abundance and the Informativeness of Financial Forecasts: The Horizon Effect”

17  September         Philipp Krueger, UNIGE,  “The Sustainability Wage Gap”

24  September        Elisabeth Kempf, Chicago Booth, “Fifty Shades of QE: Conflicts of Interest in Economic Research”

1 October                 Shimon Kogan, MIT Sloan, “The Asymmetry in Responsible Investing Preferences”

8 October                Robert Richmond, NYU, “A Portfolio Approach to Global Imbalances and Low Interest Rates”

15 October               Suzanne Lee, Scheller, Georgia Tech, “Cryptocurrencies as Lotteries: Jumps and Cryptocurrency Returns”

22 October              Aline Darbellay, UNIGE, “Algorithm-Driven Information Gatekeepers : Legal and Regulatory Aspects”

29 October              Dr. Catalina Martinez Gutierrez,  Dr. Peter Schmidt, UNIGE, “Financing off-grid solar energy access:  Hypotheses on COVID-19 long term impacts”

5  November           Michael Weber, Chicago Booth, “Crowdsourcing Peer Information to Change Spending Behavior”

19 November          Lubos Pastor , Chicago Booth, "Sustainable Investing in Equilibrium"

26 November          Fabio Trojani, UNIGE,  "Smart SDFS"

3 December              Xavier Vives,  IESE, “Exchange Competition, Entry, and Welfare”

10 December           Nicola Gennaioli, Bucconi, “Expectations of Fundamentals and Stock Market Puzzles“