A Tradition of International Studies to Meet New Global Challenges

The Global Studies Institute was established in 2013, and there are now approximately 1,450 students registered at the institute.

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of international and regional relations is privileged at the GSI in order to better investigate and understand the new complex challenges of the contemporary world as a whole.

At the beginning of the 21st century the process of globalization is provoking two major shifts at the international level. On the one hand, there is a softening of the boundaries between what is considering international and national. On the other, there is an emergence of new tools of governance for the global level, as well as for countries, cities and regions. We can simply look at the examples of global health, international trade or terrorism to see that new challenges require novel articulations of knowledge.

Interdisciplinary Training Based on the Diversity of Partner Faculties

GSI students benefit from instruction offered by nearly 150 teaching and research collaborators and some 90 professors from the various faculties of the University of Geneva (Law, Social Sciences, Economics and Management, Letters, Medicine and Science).

Most of the students at the institute are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BARI) where they have the choice between five different areas of focus: Global, Law, International Economics, International History and International Politics.

Postgraduate students have the opportunity to follow four different Master programs specialized in regional studies. These include Europe, Russia and Middle Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is also possible to earn an interdisciplinary master in global health at the GSI.

In addition, the GSI offers three Master programs of continuing education in International Security and Global Governance, along with an interdisciplinary PhD in Global Studies.

Dissemination of Knowledge to the General Public

The GSI attaches particular importance to "engagement with the city" as it believes deeply in sharing academic knowledge with the general public. Thus to fulfill this mission, the GSI organizes numerous conferences open to a wide audience. These symposiums promote interdisciplinary approaches and interchange between academics and practitioners, while collaborators from the GSI contribute with their work to enhance intellectual reflection and dialogue with the citizenry.

At the heart of the International City of Geneva

The location of the GSI in Geneva is a unique and extraordinary asset. Indeed, the presence of nearly 100 international organizations, several hundred non-governmental organizations and multinational companies offers a plethora of opportunities to observe the world from a privileged position.