The Bachelor's degree in International Relations (BARI)



The Bachelor's degree in International Relations (BARI) is a unique interdisciplinary program in Switzerland.
It represents collaboration within the Global Studies Institute between the faculties of law, literature, economics and management, as well as the social sciences.

While the language of instruction is French for this program, some courses are indeed offered in English. It introduces students to the fields of law, economics, history and political science, and covers a period of three years totaling 180 ECTS credits.

The BARI can include 5 different focuses of your choice:

  •     BARI with a focus in Law
  •     BARI with a focus in International Economics
  •     BARI with a focus in International History
  •     BARI with a focus in International Politics
  •     BARI with a Global focus

The program guarantees consecutive access to master's degrees from our University (with the exception of the master's degrees in Law, for which an additional program is compulsory and access is guaranteed for students of the Law degree).

This course aims, among other things, to foster understanding of the different strategic issues underlying globalization, the foreign policy of States, as well as new actors on the international and global scene (IOs, NGOs). It also helps students get familiar with the different methods of academic study by writing a final research paper (with the exception of International Economics students).

For such studies, Geneva sits in a privileged place. Indeed, hosting more than 20 international organizations including the European headquarters of the United Nations, WTO, WHO, ILO, etc., Geneva is the largest center for multilateral diplomacy in the world. About 250 NGOs revolve around these international organizations, as well as many multinational companies. In addition, players in the new governance, such as the World Economic Forum are also based on the shores of Lake Geneva, making Geneva the Silicon Valley of global governance.

The Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva takes advantage of the proximity of these actors to offer many opportunities for interaction to the students enrolled in BARI.