entry into Switzerland

For all questions related to your entry into or sty in Switzerland, please consult the links below:

As soon as they receive the Pre-Enrollment Certificate, foreign applicants who require a visa to enter Switzerland must contact the Swiss representation responsible for their place of residence (at least 3 months before entering Switzerland). In principle, the visa application must be submitted from the country of origin. All applicants must be in possession of an entry visa for studies before coming to Switzerland. It is not permissible to travel to Switzerland on a tourist visa and then apply for a residence permit for training. The educational visa allows entry into Switzerland for the duration of its validity. Once you have arrived, you must file a declaration of arrival with the municipal or cantonal authorities in order to obtain a residence permit for training. It is recommended to do this without delay.
The validity of this permit is limited: it is imperative to request an extension before its expiry date.

Even if the person is not a national of a country subject to a visa requirement, he or she must have a residency permit (in French).