Principal investigator - Nathalie Giger

Nathalie Giger works as associate professor at the University of Geneva with a specialization on comparative political behaviour. Before joining the department of political science and international relations in Geneva, I held post-doctoral positions in Konstanz and Mannheim (2009-2014) and was an Ambizione fellow at the University of Zürich. I received my PhD from the University of Bern in 2009. I have published on a range of themes related to the linkage of citizens and political elites, unequal representation and party competition.

Nathalie Giger is also affiliated with the Unequal democracies project directed by Jonas Pontusson.

More information on Nathalie’s work can be found on her homepage




SNF team


Davy-Kim Lascombes, PhD candidate

Davy-Kim is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Geneva funded by the project. His dissertation looks at the determinant of fairness assessments of income inequality and its effects on political preferences and behavior. Davy-Kim’s research for the project focus on the citizen’s perception of inequality and their preferences for redistributive policies.



Elisa Volpi, post-doctoral researcher

Elisa completed her Ph.D. in political science at European University Institute of Florence. Her PhD thesis analyses the determinants of legislative party switching that occurs when elected politicians change party affiliation. Elisa’s research for the project explores the perceptions of inequality by political elites and in particular the role of information in elites' preference formation and their willingness to learn from others. 



Louis Mermillod, student assistant