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On 1 August 2022, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) joined the 4EU+ European University Alliance. The partnership is a collaborative initiative that brings together top European universities with a shared commitment to high quality teaching, interdisciplinary research and intensive cooperation with stakeholders across the continent 

Situated in the heart of Europe, UNIGE has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and a dense network of collaborations with international and non-governmental organizations, making it a valuable addition to the 4EU+ AllianceTogether with other member universities, UNIGE strives to shape the future of higher education while putting its academic expertise at the service of society.  

UNIGE is already a member of various European research networks, including the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and the Coimbra GroupIts participation in the 4EU+ Alliance is a testament to its ongoing commitment to advancing academic excellence, research and innovation in Europe and beyond. 

UNIGE representatives in the 4EU+ bodies

Governing board: Audrey Leuba, Rector

Management Committee: Stéphane Berthet, Vice-Rector International and Inter-Institutional Relations, Olivier Vincent, Senior scientific advisor
Academic Council: Noria Mezlef, Director of International Relations and Partnerships, NN
Working Group communication: Marco Cattaneo, Director of Communications
Working Group Education: Christelle Bozelle, Responsible of the MOOC unit
Working Group Mobility: Daniela Sauge, Head of Academic Exchange Office

Flagship 1: Prof. Nicolas Ray & Dr. Eric Comte
Flagship 2: 
Prof. Marco Giugni
Flagship 3: 
Prof. Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo
Flagship 4: 
Prof. Géraldine Pflieger


What is 4EU+?

The 4EU+ European University Alliance is a visionary alliance of eight internationally renowned institutions. These universities share a common vision for a European University and are committed to fostering barrier-free cooperation in education, research and innovationIeducationthe 4EU+ establishes four flagship programs, which align with the UN sustainability goals while enabling students to obtain joint and/or double degree through hybrid and interdisciplinary learning approachesIn researchthe 4EU+ synergizes research and education through diverse funding opportunities while encouraging researchers at all levels to participate in its international research networks. In addition to academic activities, the 4EU+ also intensifies joint efforts with public and private sectors to develop innovative solutions to a complex social scheme on a european level.  

With the above-mentioned endeavors, the 4EU+ community will continue its mission to foster and enrich meaningful collaborations amongst its students, researchers, staff and stakeholders on a global scale.

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