We are the organization team for the 2023 PhD conference. We are all PhD students of the PhD School of Life Sciences at the Faculties of Medicine and Science.



If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about the event, please contact us by email

If you prefer, you can also contact one of us directly:​​​​​​

  1. Adriano Pizzella: email, office: CMU A07.2906.B

  2. Aleksander Czaudernaemail, office: CMU E07.3352.A

  3. Amit Kumaremail, office: CMU C05.2132.A

  4. Blanca Lago Solisemail, office:  SC3 3014

  5. Clément Davidemail, office: CMU E07.3352.A

  6. Giulia Lucibelloemail, office: CMU D05.1554.A

  7. Kerstin Hinterndorfer: email, office: SC3 2045A

  8. Laura Iacobucciemail, office: CMU A06.2910.A

  9. Mara Cenerentiemail, office: CMU F07.3167

  10. Michaëla Dohnalkovaemail, office: SC3 3051

  11. Maria Cruz Coboemail, office: CMU E06.2755.A

  12. Marianna Ossorioemail, office: SC3 3034A

  13. Sotirios Ntallisemail, office: SC3 3034A

  14. Valeria Oliva: email, office: CMU F06.3363.A

Jul 26, 2022