Maths à PartaG 2024



Francis Brown (UNIGE & Université d'Oxford)

7 May 2024 1 | 18:00 | Uni Dufour, U300

Free admission, subject to places available. Registration not required.


This conference marks the start of an annual series (in French), aimed at sharing the research carried out at the Section of Mathematics at the University of Geneva with a wider audience. The main aim of Maths à PartaG is to promote a better understanding and appreciation of mathematics among the general public.

Whether you are simply interested in mathematics or use it every day in your work, these lectures will take you on a journey of discovery through mathematical research, with curiosity as the only prerequisite.

Join us on 7th of  May to explore the world of mathematics with experts in their field.


Please visit our webpage in French for more information.



Maths à PartaG 2024


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12 Apr 2024