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Digitalization carries majors economical, political, social and scientific stakes in our modern sociecty, which in return profoundly affects the academic world. The University of Geneva therefore holds a responsability to be open to digital transformation and, further, take into it consideration within its mission, such as teaching, research and services to the society.

The Digital Transformation Office is in charge of defining, managing, reporting and communicating the Action Plan of the Digital Strategy of the University of Geneva.

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remove_red_eye To define a strategic vision for projects of digital transformation at UNIGE and provide a reporting

construction To create and coordinate projects of digital transformation

online_prediction To facilitate the emergence of innovative projects toward digital transformation at UNIGE

campaign Communicate on the activities and projects related to digital transformation at UNIGE
de la stratégie numérique

The Action Plan is fulfilling the aims of the Digital Strategy at UNIGE. It presents the activities and the projects with high-priority for the Rectorate. It is organized in six programs, as to facilitate its coordination and reporting, and is regularly updated to account for the progresses made and to integrate new initative or digital projects which emerged within the university community.

Digital Strategy The University of Geneva has recognised digital transformation as a cross-cutting theme that affects all of its activities, which was explicitly included in 2015 in its strategic plan “The University of Geneva in 2025”. The institution’s ambition is to be “a major player in the digital revolution”. This aim involves, in particular, continuous development of digital infrastructure and services, promoting teaching and research concerning digital technology and its consequences, implementing new methods of sharing knowledge, and optimising various administrative processes. The Digital Strategy is a tangible expression of the University’s global vision, presenting a series of objectives aiming to strengthen the institution’s digital activities and projects, as well as helping to develop new initiatives, thereby contributing to the digital transformation that is underway in society and in the world of academia.