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Archiving your research data with Yareta

Yareta is UNIGE's digital solution for archiving and preserving research data in the long term. It has been developed to facilitate the work of researchers, including the management and sharing of research data.

Designed in strict accordance with the FAIR principles that govern research data management best practices, Yareta fulfills the Data Repository requirements of funders.

The Yareta solution comes from the national project swissuniversities DLCM and the Geneva cantonal bill "Digital Infrastructure for Research".

Ask for an archiving and preservation area

1.      Connect a first time to the Yareta Portal to automatically register your name through your institutional account

2.      Prepare your request

According to your needs, the preservation space may correspond to your project, your laboratory or your research team. You will be asked the following information:

  • A meaningful name for your preservation space
  • The person in charge of managing the space
  • The duration data will be retained (in years)
  • The volume of data to preserve (Gb, Tb or Pb)

3.      Ask for a preservation space

 4.      Get started

Once you get the confirmation e-mail for the attribution of your preservation space, connect to Yareta and attribute roles to your team.


UNIGE provides you with two storage digital services and one long term archival system. Whichever option you may choose, the first 50 Gigabytes (Gb) are free of charge. Prices (by Terabyte per Year) are related to the technology and are adjusted yearly.

Research data archiving on the Yareta repository
100 CHF / Tb / Year

In line with funders requirements (FAIR principes), the new digital solution for archiving research data Yareta provides DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and automatically produces two replications of your data. Yareta is not a storage/backup solution but a long-term preservation solution: it enables the organization, identification, sharing, citation and sustainability of your research data.

Requests must be done via

Faculty of Medicine

A space dedicated to the storage and archiving of data on tape is available to researchers in the Faculty of Medicine.

More information on the SIFM website (Service informatique de la Faculté de Médecine) - in French