Models for Wolf-Rayet and O-Star Populations in Young Starburst

Below are links to the predictions from the New models for Wolf-Rayet and O-star Populations in Young Starbursts from Schaerer & Vacca (1998, ApJ, 497, 618; ADS link, [Abstract] , [Full paper - PostScript (4.3MB)] , [Text only (1.2MB)] , [All Figs. (3.3MB)] ).
NOTE: After publication an error was found in the model calculations. The main results of the paper are not affected. Quantitatively some of the predictions are, however, changed. Please look here for an update of the S&V98 figures.

NEW: The models available on this page include all models presented in Schaerer & Vacca and extend the parameter range. Calculations for a wide range of metallicities (Z=0.001, 0.004, 0.008, 0.020=solar, 0.040), IMF slopes (alpha=1.0, 2.35=Salpeter, 3.3), and star-formation histories (instantaneous bursts; extended bursts of 1, 2, 4 Myr; continous star-formation). Generaly the models are given for ages between 0 and 10 Myr (continous star-formation models up to 100 Myr).

The following data is available electronically (at STScI):

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Additional calculations may be available on request.