Lorenzo Rimoldini

Dr Lorenzo Rimoldini

Adjoint scientifique / Classification development

Ecogia Pavillon P006
+41 22 379 21 95
+41 22 379 21 33

Obtained his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007, working with David Turnshek (UPitt) and Ravi Sheth (UPenn) on the statistical relation between galaxies and strong MgII quasar absorbers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Previously, Lorenzo received a M.S. in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh in 2001, and a B.S. in Physics from the University of Pavia (Italy) in 1999, working with Bruno Bertotti and Russell Lavery on gravitational lensing of galaxies. He spent his first postdoc as data mining and application scientist at the Institute for Astronomy in Edinburgh, developing analysis tools for the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey. In 2009, he moved to Geneva and joined the Gaia CU7 team.


Current Activities

Analysis and automated classification of photometric time series of variable sources from Gaia.

Research Interests

Analysis of large data sets employing methods of various nature, from statistical, analytical, or numerical methods to machine learning techniques, in order to deal with the challenges posed by the ever-increasing volumes of  data.