Welcome to Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry !

Our research integrates the role of new technologies, workflow and software for the analysis of molecules of biological interest.  The overall goal is to develop innovative analytical tools and solutions that will benefit the detection and understanding of disease, and the discovery and development of appropriate therapeutics. All aspects of analytical sciences from sample collection to assay validation are considered in our research where mass spectrometric detection plays a central role. In addition to the application of separation sciences (GC, LC, SFC)  combined to mass spectrometry, disruptive approaches based on MALDI or ion mobility for high throughput, multiplexed and low cost analyses of biomarkers and pharmaceuticals are investigated. 

Our scientific interests include: separation sciences, sample preparation, automation, bioanalysis, metabolism, metabolomics, analytical proteomics, toxicology, high resolution mass spectrometry, ion mobility mass spectrometry, data independent acquisition techniques (SWATH), MS/MS spectra interpretation, ionization, data analysis and mass spectrometry imaging.

Prof. Gérard Hopfgartner

e-mail: gerard.hopfgartner(at)unige.ch