Impact of the crisis on the student community

UNIGE students are particularly affected by the coronavirus crisis and its consequences on the labour market. Many of them were working in the sectors hit hard by the crisis - catering, culture, events - and their chances of finding work in the immediate future have diminished considerably. Because they are students, they have limited access to unemployment benefits, which means they are left in real hardship, without the ressources they need to get by. This situation can threaten their ability to continue their studies. The solidarity of all is now needed to help them.



why making a donation?

To complete the support plan set up in the spring and to cope with the increase in requests for aid for the start of the 2020/2021 academic year, we are launching an unprecedented appeal to the entire UNIGE community and to the public to support the students hardest affected by the crisis. Your generosity will enable students who have been in difficulty for several months to continue their studies in decent living situation that are conducive to their success. Helping them also means supporting those who are building our future.

What will my donation be used for?

The funds raised will supplement the one-off financial aid awarded by UNIGE's Social and Financial Service and will be used in the following five areas:

  • Job loss (600 CHF / month)
  • Rent allowance (700 CHF / month)
  • Food allowance (600 CHF / month)
  • Computer equipment for remote learning (600 CHF)
  • Medical expenses (600 CHF)

Your donation is paid in full to the beneficiaries. The Rectorat de l'UNIGE covers the commission charges linked to the transactions.

A donation certificate will be issued. Donnations ca be deducted from income in accordance with cantonal/territorial regulations.

Donations over CHF 5000 will be made public.