Updated on 26 April 2021

Thank you!

Thanks to the "United UNIGE " appeal for donations in favour of the students of the University of Geneva hardest affected by the health crisis, CHF 185,640.- have already been collected.

An unprecedented wave of generosity from the university community! More than 750 people have made a substantial contribution to this emergency aid, including a large number of Alumni who have been mobilised from all over the world.

Immediate impact of your donations

87 students supported
Nearly 70% of the support granted concerns food and rent allowances. 25% compensate for job losses. 6% were dedicated to one-off grants for computer equipment and medical expenses.

Details of aid granted (26 April 2021)

Types of aid

Nomber of grants


Amount allocated/promises


Overall total 87 100 % 104 243.50 CHF
COVID food 26 29,89 % 36 400.60 CHF 34,92 %
COVID rent
26 29,89 % 34 119.00 CHF 32,73 %
COVID job loss
23 26,44 % 26 700.00 CHF 25,61 %
COVID hardware costs
10 11,49 % 5 969.00 CHF 5,73 %
COVID medical expenses
2 2,30 % 1 054.90 CHF 1,01 %


The action continues

The needs expressed by students have almost doubled since the beginning of the pandemic compared to a normal year. The needs are estimated at 3.6 million to cover the spring and summer semester. The UNIGE development Unit and the Division of academic and students affairs are therefore continuing their efforts, not only with the university community, but also with the public authorities and philanthropic foundations, in order to be able to respond to the greatest number of people in precarious situations and to avoid dropping out of University.